CARMIX (Graphitic, Carbon Fiber, Activated Carbon Fiber and Activated Carbon)

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CARMIX is a carbon composite product that takes advantage of the superior functions of the different types of carbon materials.

CARMIX is used in applications, such as radiating fins for LED lights, prepreg for CFRP, and absorbing materials.

Application: For air conditioning For general consumer goods For liquid processing For gas processing For home electronics For automobiles
Function: Electricity Environment improvement Sealing property
Industrial field: Housing Energy Electricity Environment (water processing) Environment (gas processing)
Material: Absorption and desorption High strength Conduction Sealing

CARMIX (Graphitic, Carbon Fiber, Activated Carbon Fiber and Activated Carbon)

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Application and actual achievement


  • Graphitic sheet: Electromagnetic shielding and radiation materials
  • Carbon fiber sheet: Sheet heating element, high-temperature heat insulating material, electric material
  • Activated carbon sheet: Air purification system, solvent recovery, elimination of odors
  • Activated carbon fiber sheet:For various types of filters for Elimination of diverse odors, for gas and liquid phases

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Graphitic sheet

Graphitic sheet
Graphite has high conductive property and heat conductivity. Since it is possible to create a high density, strong sheet, it can be used in the same way as metallic foil. In addition, its high sliding property is used in some applications.

Carbon fiber sheet

Carbon fiber sheet
There are two types of carbon fibers: pitch-based type and PAN-based type. Adding only a small amount of carbon fiber adds conductive properties to a sheet.
The electric resistance value of paper can be adjusted by changing the mixed amount of carbon fiber, and this product is strong and fire-resistant. Therefore, it can be developed for applications with electrical and heat-resistance materials.

Activated carbon sheet

Activated carbon sheet
Powdered activated carbon requires a binder in order to form it into sheets and they tend to be high-density paper. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the deodorizing efficiency corresponding to the added amount of powdered activated carbon. However, it is possible to absorb odors selectively by combining inorganic absorbing material, such as zeolite.

Activated carbon fiber sheet

Activated carbon fiber sheet
Although activated carbon fiber is very expensive, the absorption rate is higher than powdered activated carbon. Since this sheet can be low density, it is suitable to use for filters for gas and liquid phases and can be developed for a wide variety of applications.

Graphitic sheetCarbon fiber sheetActivated carbon and activated carbon fiber sheets
Product applicationFor home electronicsFor industrial useFor air conditioning
For liquid processing
For gas processing
For automobiles
Industrial fieldElectricityEnvironment (gas processing)
Environment (water processing)
Environment (gas processing)
Product functionElectricity
Sealing property
ElectricityEnvironment improvement
Material functionFriction and sliding
Sealing property
High strength
Absorption and desorption material

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