Process Filter Media

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The process filter performs liquid processing on the production lines of food, chemical and pharmaceutical plants. This product must have different accuracy levels and chemical properties.

Our process filter media has a narrower distribution of pore sizes than conventional polymeric membranes and achieves filtration and separation with higher precision because this membrane is made from nano fiber.

In addition, high flux can also be expected because this product is a fiber-based membrane.

Application: For liquid processing
Function: Filtration
Industrial field: Environment (water processing)
Material: -

Process Filter Media

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Membrane material

Hydrophilic PVDF, hydrophobic PVDF, and nylon.
Also available for combining membrane with support materials such as PET, PP and
nylon (two-layer, three-layer).

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AN from the Second Business Development Section of the Business Development Division
TEL: 03-3297-7781 FAX: 03-3297-7786

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