NANOWOVEN (Nano Coat Filter Media)


NANOWOVEN is our unique high-function filter media (filter element) where the base material is combined with a nano fiber web.

An air filter made from this product captures extremely fine carbon dust, which is approximately 50 percent higher than that of conventional filter media (filter element) for engines, and it has also achieved twice the service life.

This product will be used in a wide variety of applications to correspond to the need to reduce the environmental load and for high functionality.

Application: For air conditioning For gas processing For engines
Function: Electricity Filtration
Industrial field: Automobiles Electricity Environment (gas processing)
Material: Void and pore size

NANOWOVEN (Nano Coat Filter Media)

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Application and actual achievement

Example of application

Filter for engines, industrial filters, and household filters

Actual achievement

TASCALFilter media (filter element) for the TASCAL dry-cleaning filter

[AOI Corporation]
With high capturing performance, this filter eliminates the solvent dullness caused by insoluble material to achieve a high quality wash with clean solvent.

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Surface structure

Cobweb-like nano fibers can be observed

Image of filtration


For air filters

NANOWOVEN is superior in terms of the amount and efficiency of capturing particulates compared to existing filter media (filter element) and demonstrates the following features:

  • Possible to be made thin (Since the airflow resistance can be maintained, the engine output is expected to be increased.)
  • Reduction in cost is expected

A reduction in environmental load is expected due to the contribution to the improvement in fuel efficiency and the enhancement of element life.

For fuel filters

NANOWOVEN can also be used in fuel filter applications, because production by usage of resin (as coating material) with high chemical and heat resistance is possible.
This product achieved higher efficiency than conventional filter media (filter element), and we are in the process of finding a way to eliminate the use of inorganic fibers.

This product achieves high performance and a reduction in environmental load.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you mass-produce this product?
Yes, we can. Please contact us for details.
Can I get a sample?
Yes, we can provide a sample cut in A4 size if needed.

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