Ceramic Sheet

Ceramic Sheets consist mainly of inorganic fibers, such as ceramic fiber. This product is used for heat insulating material, heat resisting material, and packing because of the superior heat resistance.

Application: For industrial use
Function: Thermal quality
Industrial field: -
Material: Heat insulation Sealing Heat resistance
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Application and actual achievement

Example of application

  • Heat insulating materials, heat resisting materials, and packing

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  • Heat resistance

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Frequently asked questions

What is the highest temperature this product can withstand?
Although the upper temperature limit of ceramic fiber is approximately 1200°C, it varies depending on the raw materials.
Can I get a sample?
It is too difficult for us to provide a sample immediately because we need to study the specifications according to customer needs. However, we can sometimes provide an image sample depending on the application and required upper limit temperature. Please contact us for details.

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