CARMIX (Heat Radiation Sheet and Fin)

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Our heat radiation sheet and fins were developed from our papermaking and processing technologies and by taking advantage of high heat radiation properties of carbon materials.

These products are expected to be widely used for the parts that require countermeasures against heat, such as electronic components mainly made of metal at present and heat radiation parts of LED lights by taking advantage of its diversity unique to paper.

Application: For home electronics For automobiles
Function: Thermal quality Electricity
Industrial field: Energy Automobiles Electricity
Material: -

CARMIX (Heat Radiation Sheet and Fin)

CARMIX (Heat Radiation Sheet and Fin)

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Application and actual achievement

Example of application

Heat radiation fins used in the heat radiation part of electronic components and LED lights

Example of actual achievement

LED lights for factories and bridges

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The diversity made possible by paper-made sheets

Weight saving

Weight saving
Compared to metal fins, the weight can be reduced by approximately 80 percent. Using paper-made fins in LED lights for moving vehicles is expected to save energy.

Heat radiation property

Heat radiation property
Paper-made fins have the heat radiation property equivalent to that of metal (aluminum) fins. They enable to extend the service life of LED lights and other electric and electronic materials.

Flame resistance

Flame resistance
Using our unique technology, we created flame-resistant heat radiation sheet free from halogen and heavy metal.
(Equivalent to UL94V-0)


A special processing enables to retain the performance equivalent to original performance even after long periods of time.


Paper-made sheets can be processed into various kinds of shapes through the folding, honeycomb, and corrugation processes.

Freedom of bonding face

Freedom of bonding face
Paper-made sheets can be used on the walls and ceilings in various shapes.

Example of the structure of a paper-made heat radiation fin

Example of the structure of a paper-made heat radiation fin

Comparison between our paper-made fin and aluminum heat radiation fin

Paper-made heat radiation fins can have the heat radiation effect that is almost equivalent to aluminum heat radiation fins because paper-made heat radiation fins have lower thermal conductivity but higher thermal emissivity than aluminum heat radiation fins.

Our paper-made heat radiation finAluminum heat radiation fin
Heat radiation effectEquivalent to aluminum fin-
Specific gravity of material12.7
Thermal emissivity
(thermal conductivity)
Surface areaBoth sides of paper can be usedOnly the front side can be used
FormabilityEasy to form and processMolds are needed depending on the forming method

Comparison of heat radiation performance

Comparison of heat radiation performance

Durability test

Durability test
A durability test for 1000 cycles at -40 °C to 100 °C

* All data above are measured values, but not guaranteed values.

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Frequently asked questions

Do paper-made heat radiation fins and sheets burn?
Yes, they burn. However, they have the flame resistance equivalent to UL94V-0.
What's the durability level?
In a durability test for 1000 cycles (-40 °C to 100 °C) using this sheet, no reduction in strength and thermal conductivity was observed.
Other frequently asked questions
Can your product have property of water resistance?
We can add cetrtain property of water resistance to our products with resin coating.
What is the capacity of heat resistance?
We assumed about 200℃ at normal condition when used.
Can you offer some samples?
Yes. We can send you sheet or folding samples.
How much is the cost?
We make an estimate every time because our products are custom-made.
Can we purchase your product in sheet?
We basically sell folded product. Please contact us if you need it in sheet.
How do you concern for the environment?
We have satisfied the conditions of RoHS Standard with harogen-free and lead-free products.

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Person in charge: Yoshikawa / Business development division
TEL: 088-631-8321 FAX: 088-632-0079

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