Characteristic Test(Electric Characteristic)

Various electric characteristic are investigated according to the intended purposes in order to evaluate the characteristics of the sheet containing carbon fiber and conducting material.

Electric resistance measurement

There are two types of electric resistance: surface resistance and volume resistivity, and we measure surface resistance. We not only manufacture the base paper for the separators for lead storage batteries but also evaluate the properties of separators.

Electric conductivity measurement

Electric conductivity (electric conductance) is an indicator for the amount of electrolytes in water and is used to determine the water contamination level, which plays an important role in papermaking.

Electric conductivity measurement

Static electricity measurement

The length of time that elapses before the static electricity retained by a sheet decays by half (static electricity half-life) when static electricity of 10,000 V is applied to the sheet from outside can be measured.

Static electricity measurement

Electromagnetic-wave shielding measurement

The shielding effect from electromagnetic waves that cause damage through reflection or absorption can be checked (this measurement is outsourced).

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