Finish Processing

Awa Paper Mfg. performs finish processing using winders (drum winder, center winder, and biaxial winder) and a cutter/cutting machine (guillotine).

Winder (rewinder)

This machine rewinds paper coming out of a slitter, while trimming both the width and length dimensions for completing into a product. Winders are classified into several categories according to the rewinding method.

Drum winder (surface winder)

This machine has a winder on a drum roll, and this winder is rotated and rolled up by the rotation of the drum roll. This type of machine is used widely and allows an increase in size and speed. Some have only one drum roll and others have two.

Center winder

This type of machine drives the winding shaft directly for rolling up and winds paper gently.

Biaxial winder

This machine is a kind of center winder. This machine is equipped with two winding shafts to rewind even narrow slots without overlapping by separating them into these two shafts.

Cutting machine (guillotine)

This machine cuts flat paper placed on the surface plate after the cutting process using a blade that moves up and down. It is used when the edges, corner angles, and length and width dimensions of flat paper need to be cut precisely.


This machine cuts a continuous paper sheet into pieces of a predetermined length and width dimensions to make flat paper. In general, the cutter refers to a rotary cutter that cuts papers with a rotary blade.

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