Characteristic Test(Thermal Characteristic)

We investigate thermal characteristic by measuring the change in product size and strength due to thermal changes, as well as the inflammability test of materials.

Warm strength

The tensile strength in an atmosphere heated to 250°C is measured. This measurement is performed to check the processing suitability of a material like PVC when it needs to be heat-processed by a customer.

Warm strength

Thermal dimension stability measurement

This measurement serves to check that there is no change in the material dimensions even when the temperature changes. In this measurement, the material is placed in an atmosphere at a certain temperature, and the dimensions are measured after a certain period of time.

Thermal gradient test

In this test, the heat-sealing properties (such as temperature and pressure conditions) of a material when hot-pressed is determined using five heat sources with a temperature gradient.

Incombustibility test

The inflammability of a material is investigated by a method pursuant to the Building Standards Act. The inflammability is evaluated on the basis of an increase in temperature that occurs when a material is placed in a heated furnace.

Incombustibility test

Limited Oxygen Index measurement (LOI)

The concentration of oxygen required for a material to sustain combustion is measured. The grater the concentration value, the less inflammable the material.

Limited Oxygen Index measurement (LOI)

Thermography measurement

This measures the behavior and distribution of heat in a sheet to create a picture of heat distribution.

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