Surface Processing

Awa Paper Mfg. performs surface processing by corrugation, embossing, and pleating methods.


Although corrugation generally refers to the processing of cardboard, we call the processing of cardboard flute processing to distinguish from corrugation. This processing technology is used as a method for passing a base material through two rolls with grooves engraved along the flow direction on a circle to corrugate the base material and increase the surface area of filter paper. This method is also used to prevent contact of the electrode of battery separator by changing the shape.


In this method, designs are put on paper by passing a base material through two textured rolls. Although heat is not applied in some cases, it is generally applied in the case of deep drawing in order to retain the shape. Embossing is used either for design purposes only or for fulfilling a function.


This processing method folds the base material like a gathered skirt in order to increase the surface area of the filter. The larger the ratio between the apparent surface area and the internal actual surface area of the filter element, the more the characteristics as a filter are shown. Therefore, this processing method is used not only for automobiles but also for air conditioning. This method requires an increase in the surface area as large as possible and a hard finish that prevents contact of the pleats.

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