Wire Part


This is a former consisting of a grid-like cylinder on which a net is put up, and this forms paper layers on the surface of the cylinder using the difference in water level. Forming many layers enables to form more uniform paper layers. This cylinder manufactures papers with a wide variety of thicknesses from thin papers to thick ones like multilayer paperboard.




This is a former that has long endless wires that run between rolls. Raw paper materials are flown out on the wires and are then dehydrated to create paper layers. Only one material layer can create a paper with some thickness.


Suction former

This is a kind of cylinder and has a box in the cylinder for absorbing water by compulsion to absorb and dehydrate the water from raw paper materials on the cylinder.

Inclined former

This former consists of endless long inclined wires that run. Since this former decreases the concentration of raw paper materials, it disperses long synthetic fibers evenly. This former is suitable when a texture like non-woven fabric is needed.


This technology installs multiple types of wires, such as cylinder and fourdrinier, to laminate the sheets whose paper layers were formed using the respective wires. This method combines the characteristics of the respective sheets together.

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