Basic Philosophy

Spirit of founding

  • We want to contribute to the regional economy by establishing a new industry taking advantage of abundant water and mountain forest resources of Tokushima
  • We want to contribute to the creation of the comfortable lives of people and the development of culture by manufacturing inexpensive and quality Japanese paper
  • We want to create leading-edge and unique products with the latest technologies and equipment
  • We want to create a dream-inspiring company trusted by people in the society
  • We want to pursue more affluent lives and happiness of our employees

(Established on October 1, 2008)
(Revised on April 1, 2019)

Management principle

Our mission

We pursue the possibility of paper, try to realize innovative combinations between paper and various functional materials and contribute to humans and the society through the provision of products and services aiming for the harmony with the environment.

Our goal

We aim to be the world's best company and provide unique products, technologies, and services.

Our course of action

  1. We respond to customers' requests with honesty and cordiality.
  2. We challenge the cutting-edge manufacturing with no fear of failure.
  3. We improve our knowledge, skills and sensibility, enhance our human quality and try to become independent.
  4. We will pursue profits with common sense and responsibility and in compliance with our code of ethics.
  5. Our company provides employees with the opportunities for using their skills and learning to support the pursuit of both material and spiritual happiness of each and every employee.

(Established on October 1, 2008)
(Revised on April 1, 2019)

Corporate motto

The aim of Eiichi Shibusawa, who built the foundation for modern economic society of Japan, in corporate management was the philosophy of union of morality of economy, which was referred to as The Analects of Confucius and Abacus, meaning the corporate management with the benefit of society in mind but not the corporate management with high priority on pursuit of profit, that is, the reconciliation of private corporate activity and public interest. Our company has also disciplined ourselves under the philosophy of union of morality of economy to practice the management with high sense of morality and delivered quality products trusted by customers to reap profits. We will continue to contribute to the society through the management which satisfies both morality and economy as corporate motto.

Founding family's motto

The Miki, who is the founding family of this company, has a calligraphic work saying "Ten Pan Ran Shoku," which was given by Kaishu Katsu to the 11th Yokichiro Junji Miki when he was a member of the House of Peers. This calligraphic work is said to have been given with words pregnant with implications, meaning "Do not try to have all indigo balls in the world (The Miki was running the indigo ball business at that time). Do business moderately with a goal of handling about half of them at most." This phrase has been a lesson in running the business since then.

Corporate ethics

These corporate ethics stipulate the norms that Awa Paper & Technological Company, Inc., and its board members and employees (hereinafter referred to as "company members") should observe in business activities based on the management principle and corporate motto. In particular, top management takes the initiative in implementing these ethical norms and makes a full effort to familiarize and establish in-house organizations with these norms.

  1. Observation of laws, regulations, and company rules
    We respect and observe the letter and spirit of the laws, regulations, social norms, corporate ethics, and company rules.
  2. Fair competition
    We conduct proper transactions through fair, transparent, and free competition and do not pursue any interest through improper means and opaque acts.
  3. Strict management and disclosure of corporate information
    We strictly manage and protect personal and private information from inadvertent leakage and work for the fair disclosure of corporate information and positive IR activity in order to earn the trust of all stakeholders.
  4. Respect for intellectual property rights
    We work for the creation, protection, and utilization of intellectual property rights and do not infringe the rights of others without due cause.
  5. Prohibition of conflicting interest acts and mixing of business with personal affairs
    Our company members do not have a conflict of interest with the company and will not perform any act of mixing business with personal affairs, such as the private use of company's property and request for business entertainment and gift-giving.
  6. Confrontation with antisocial forces
    We decisively confront and have no relationship with any antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society and the sound activities of the company.
  7. Prohibition of insider trading
    We observe the laws and regulations on insider trading and develop an appropriate response when we receive any important information on Awa Paper & Technological Company, Inc., its affiliated companies, and business partners that may affect the stock price.
  8. Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination
    We respect the personalities and fundamental human rights of all people. In addition, we emphasize dignity, civility, and fairness; create a better working environment with no harassing behavior and discrimination; and maintain and improve such environment based on the relationship of mutual trust.
  9. Securement of safe work environment
    To protect the safety and health of our employees, we are committed to improving occupational safety and health, eradicating industrial accidents and preventing plant disasters, as well as preventing infectious diseases and their spread.
  10. Environment preservation
    We work actively not only to prevent pollution but also save resources and energy and recycle waste in order to conserve our limited resources and reduce the environmental load.
  11. Social and regional contribution activities
    We try to coordinate and cooperate closely with the local society, positively perform social contribution activities, and contribute to the activation of local society and the development of artistic culture.
  12. Respect for fair international business transactions and different cultures
    In our international business transactions, we shall comply with international laws and norms, as well as with national characteristics and the laws and regulations of each country, and respect local cultures and customs.

“We” … refers to the board members and employees (company members) of Awa Paper & Technological Company, Inc.