Collaborative research system

Based on the theme from the customer, we assist in achieving the goal through collaborative research as shown below.



STEP1Determination of development theme
Applications,materials used,and required
specifications are determined on the basis of
consultions with the customer.
STEP2Laboratory experiment
The strength and composition of the material
are tested to determine whether it can be
made by hand.
STEP3Tset paper machine
A test paper machine is used to check
suitability for papermakikng with a small
amount of raw materials.
STEP4Trial production using actual equipment
Trial production is performed using a paper
machine for mass production.
Mass production

An evaluation is performed using a performance evaluation device.

STEP1 Determination of development theme

We use a variety of fibres and powders, including plant, animal, recycled, synthetic and inorganic fibres. By combining several fibres, we can make use of the characteristics of each fibre or make products by loading them with powder.
From the customer's point of view, materials are selected according to the intended use and required performance, and the optimum composition plan is proposed.


Wood pulp
Polyester Fiber (PET Fiber)
Carbon Fiber
Activated Carbon Fiber
Activated Carbon
Titanium Oxide

STEP2 Laboratory experiment

Based on the composition plan, we determine the raw material composition and physical properties that satisfy the required performance by actually producing the sheets using various laboratory-scale experimental machines.

Experimental equipment

Test beater
Hand papermaking machine
Pressing machine
Electric dryer
Drum dryer
Hot-pressing machine

STEP3 Trial production on a test paper machine

Paper is actually made in a roll-to-roll process using a test paper machine capable of making paper from a small amount of raw material, to check whether the designed properties can be obtained and to confirm the correlation with laboratory tests and the suitability of the paper for making paper.

Test paper machine

Pulper chest
Machine chest
Test paper machine

STEP4 Trial production using actual equipment

Paper is actually made by selecting the most suitable paper machine for mass production according to the required properties and performance, to check whether the designed properties can be obtained and to confirm the suitability for mass production.

Mass production facilities

After dryer
Mass production machines

Perfomance evaluation

Various evaluation and testing facilities are owned and utilised to check whether the samples actually made into sheets in laboratory experiments, on test paper machines and on trial production on actual machines perform as designed.

Evaluation equipment

Universal tension test
Burst strength test
Pulse NMR particle evaluation equipment
Thermal conductivity measurement(TCi)
Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Energy dispersive X-ray analyser (EDX)
Incombustibility test
DIN53 438 Flame retardancy test
Multipass test

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