Image Song

We established the spirit of the founding summarizing our feelings since our establishment in 2008 for local communities, business, customers, and coworkers.

The bases of our corporate culture and organizational climate are in this spirit of the founding. We produced a song "To the enduring future" so that every one of the employees can find the spirit accessible. Please listen.

The image song of Awa Paper & Technological Company. "To the enduring future"

Lyrics and music by Yuko Honda (Cocoon)  
Assistance in writing lyrics from Yasuhiro Miki and volunteers from Awa Paper & Technological Company.

(The 1st verse)

Hope to keep up the traditions
created by the water flowing in the soil of Awa
Hope to create the enduring future
with a heart like clear water

Even though the power of a single person is small
Unite minds Have a dream

Deliver a passion turned into papers
to the world
Awa Paper

(The 2nd verse)

The power conveyed by a piece of paper
The power supported by a piece of paper
With divine power beyond the capability of papers
Keep creating brand-new tomorrow

A single step starts with the inspiration of a person
Merge the skills and knowledge

Deliver an infinite feeling turned into papers
to the future
Awa Paper

(The 3rd verse)

Want to hear that it is really happy
to meet everyone now and here
Will go to help you if you may have a pain in your soul

Not to take it all on yourself
Share your tears and smiles

Deliver a tender feeling turned into papers
to you
Awa Paper

(The 4th verse)

Started in Awa Across time and space
Like protecting beautiful mountains and rivers
With a heart as pure as clear water
Continue bringing new lives

The world changes with the awareness of only a single person
With wisdom, courage and love

A noble feeling turned into papers
For the earth now
Awa Paper
Awa Paper