Contract testing, analysis and evaluation services

Requests received from customers are handled according to the following flow.


Confirmation of the details of the request

The customer and our representative
discuss the details of the request. The customer and
our representative will decide whether or not
we can handle the request.

Conclusion of nondisclosure agreement

To product development information,a
nondisclosure agreement is concluded
between the customers and our company.

Submission of a quotation
and reception of an order

After we have provided you with a quotation and
received your order form, we will contact you as
soon as possible to arrange a response date.

Preparation of result report

We carry out tests, analyses and evaluations,
and We prepare a report on the results.

Report of results and sending of invoice

We send the customer the result report and
The customer is sent a report of the results and an invoice.

Enquiry for evaluation contract