Sheet prototyping service

Information on creation of sheets for evaluation

We evaluate trial sheet production made with the materials and chemicals following as customers' requests. In accordance with customers' purposes, such as study of the components, application development, advertisements, sample evaluation work, and market research, we create handmade sheets and small amounts of trial wind-up production for evaluation to satisfy the requested specifications.

Handmade sheet Specification Size: 25 cm x 25 cm
Quantity: At least 5
Trial production planning cost At least ¥50,000
Handmade sheet production cost At least ¥50,000
Long sheet
Specification Working width: 650 mm
Charge-in quantity: 20–100 kg/day
Trial production planning cost At least ¥50,000
Processing cost At least ¥300,000
Inspection cost At least ¥30,000

Trial production planning cost is required to determine the possibility of the sheet production, as well as the specifications.

The prices above are for reference only, and the exact prices will be separately quoted.

We respond to requests from customers for the trial sheet production according to the flow shown below.


Confirmation of the details of the request

Our person in charge of trial production
determines if we can carry out the trial
production that meets the customer's request
through consultation with the customer.

Conclusion of nondisclosure agreement

To product development information,a
nondisclosure agreement is concluded
between the customers and our company.

Planning of trial production

We study composition and specifications to
determine the possibility of making paper by

Submission of a quotation
and reception of an order

We submit a quotation to the cusomer. Upon
receipt of an order, we inform the customer of
the schedule for trial production imiediately.

Creation of sheets and result report

We create sheets and report on the result of
trial production.

Deliverly of sheets and a bill

We send the report on the result of trial
production, sheets, and the bill to the

Production of hand extract sheets

We prepare paper specimens in our laboratory to determine the specifications for paper that will meet customer needs.


This machine rotates the fibers used as raw paper material at high speed in water to break the bundled fibers into single fibers for well-dispersed into water wells.

This type of specimen is used in the protyle test.

Test beater

This machine beats pulp. Beating pulp swells or fibrillates fibers to increase the surface area, and resulting in an increase in strength when made into paper.

Hand papermaking machine

This device makes raw materials dispersed in water into a sheet. To make the sheet, a mesh is placed on the manual papermaking board and raw materials are dispersed to the square column area of the top of the device. Next, the water is drained from the square column and then the paper material remaining on the mesh is transcribed to another paper.
(Samples of 25cm x 25cm in size can be prepared).

Pressing machine

This device is presses the sheets prepared with a manual paper machine before drying. Applying uniform pressure onto the sheets adjusts the moisture content and the thickness of the sheets.

Electric dryer

This device completely dries the sheets made with a hand papermaking machine. The sheet is dried by being placed on a board heated with electric and then held in the canvas with a weight (approximately 100°C).

Drum dryer

This device completely dries the sheets made from a hand papermaking machine.
In the same way as actual papermaking machines, this device dries sheets between a rotating heated roll and canvas (around 50°C to 200°C).


This device is used to measure the bone-dry weight of sheet and heat-treating (curing) resinated sheets (around 50°C to 200°C).

Hot-pressing machine

This machine performs the pressurization treatment under constant temperature.

Production of long sheets

Test paper machine

This service is particularly suitable for testing expensive materials and can be used to create new products, as it enables the suitability of papermaking to be checked using a small amount of raw material.

Test paper making equipment

Pulper chest
Machine chest
Test paper machine

Enquiries about sheet prototypes