CARMIX Activated Carbon Fiber Sheet

About Our Products

CARMIX Activated Carbon Fiber Sheet is a porous fiber sheet with excellent deodorizing function. It can be utilized to treat large volumes of air, liquids, etc. at low density.

  • For air conditioning
  • For gas processing
  • For industrial use
  • For liquid processing
  • Environment improvement

Applications and Achievements

Various filters for various odor removal, gas phase and liquid phase


Activated carbon fiber is very expensive, but has a superior adsorption rate compared to powdered activated carbon. Because it can be made into low-density sheets, it is suitable for various filters for gas and liquid phases and can be deployed in a variety of applications.


Product name B-1 B-2 B-3
Basis weight g/㎡ 60 120 240
Thickness mm 0.25 0.43 0.81
Density g/c㎥ 0.24 0.28 0.30
Tensile strength MD N/15mm 5 13 28
CD 3 7 13
Carbon ratio wt% 70