CARMIX Activated Carbon Sheet

About Our Products

CARMIX activated carbon sheet is a sheet with excellent deodorizing function. It is highly filled with activated carbon to maximize various adsorption functions.

  • For air conditioning
  • For gas processing
  • For industrial use
  • For liquid processing
  • Environment improvement

Applications and Achievements

Air purifier, solvent recovery, various odor removal


Powdered activated carbon requires binders to make sheets and tends to become high-density paper, making it difficult to satisfy the deodorizing efficiency of the blended product. However, it is also possible to selectively adsorb various odors by combining inorganic adsorbents such as zeolite.


Product name A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4
Basis weight g/㎡ 50 120 240 75
Thickness mm 0.17 0.32 0.57 0.24
Density g/c㎥ 0.30 0.38 0.42 0.31
Tensile strength MD N/15mm 9 17 41 15
CD 7 10 22 13
Air permeability(※) sec 5.3 27.8 55.0 10.0
Surface Resistivity MD Ω/□
Carbon ratio wt% 60~65

※air permeability:10mmφ 300cc