CARMIX CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

About Our Products

CARMIX CFRP is a product (prepreg) processed from sheets created using our carbon-based material papermaking technology. CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) is a plastic with carbon fibers in it to increase its strength. CARMIX CFRP is a prepreg, which is a precursor of CFRP, produced by mixing carbon fiber and thermoplastic resin fiber using wet papermaking technology and papermaking process only. By making prepreg in a single process and using carbon fiber (end material), we have realized inexpensive prepreg for CFRP. It is also possible to produce three-dimensional molded products with excellent isotropic strength characteristics in the three-dimensional direction by heat press molding or high-cycle press molding using a die, and the molding cost can be lowered.

  • For automobiles
  • For building materials
  • For home electronics
  • For industrial use
  • Electricity
  • High strength

Applications and Achievements

Various lightweight materials such as structural members requiring lightweight strength, fine industrial parts, acoustic materials, etc. *We are currently developing applications and are considering the use of this material in a variety of applications.


  • Lightweight and high strength
  • High workability
  • High yield rate
  • Maintenance free
  • Various functions can be added
  • High shape retention


Physical property items unit Measuring direction(*1) Matrix resin
Tensile strength MPa MD 352 421
CD 127 163
クロス 243 293
Tensile elasticity MPa MD 27 31
CD 10 10
クロス 20 22
Bending strength MPa MD 336 464
CD 172 197
クロス 255 347
Bending elasticity GPa MD 26 30
CD 10 11
クロス 19 20

The above data are measured values of typical materials and are not guaranteed values.
(*1)Measurement direction
MD: 1-directional stacked products, machine flow direction
CD: One-directional laminate, machine flow direction x 90°.
Cross: Cross ply laminate