Polyolefin Sheet(ALT)

About Our Products

ALT is a sheet made of 100% polyolefin fibers. This product is used in a wide variety of applications because it is tough and does not generate paper dust and raised fabrics but still has superior water, alkali, and acid resistance. In addition, it is also used for packing materials because it has a heat-sealing property yet allows air and moisture to pass through but not water. Basis weight: Approximately 40~120g/m² Thickness: Approximately 100~200μm Width: Up to 1,100mm (The basis weight and width differ depending on the conditions.)

  • For agricultural use
  • For building materials
  • For general consumer goods
  • Freshness enhancement
  • Waterproof property and moisture permeability

Applications and Achievements


  • Packaging material, map and poster
  • Packing material
  • Drying bag
  • High-strength envelope, shipping tag, and label
  • Oxygen enrichment membrane support medium
  • Sterile paper
  • House wrapping
    The sheet made by combining ALT with polyolefin cloth can be used as a house-wrapping material placed between the exterior wall and heat insulating material.

Combining example

Bonding these materials together provides strength that can withstand long-term use.


  • No paper dust and raised fibers are generated.
  • Superior heat-sealing property
  • High whiteness and opacity (No filling material is used)
  • No moisture-absorption characteristics but dimensionally stable against moisture
  • Superior water, alkali, and acid resistance
  • Light in weight compared to general packing paper
  • Better uniformity than polyolefin nonwoven fabrics
  • Better air permeability than polyolefin films