Polyester Sheet(PURELY)

About Our Products

PURELY is a sheet (paper, wet-type nonwoven fabric) made from 100% polyester fiber. Because this product has higher sheet uniformity than dry-type nonwoven fabric, it can provide different features by being bonded to other sheets. Basis weight: Approximately 15–100g/m² Thickness: Approximately 30–200 ìm Width: Up to 2,100 mm (The basis weight and width differ depending on the conditions.)

  • For information and communication
  • For liquid processing
  • Electricity
  • High strength

Applications and Achievements


  • Poster and label
  • Industrial air filter
  • Industrial liquid filter
  • Window shade (for interior)
  • Decorative sheet for tapes
  • For floor material
  • Battery separator
  • Battery wrapping
  • Electric insulating paper
  • Food packaging
  • Metal inserting paper
  • Electric wire press winding material
  • This product is used in the structure of cables, which are essential for information communication.


  • Since this product is a wet-type nonwoven fabric, it has higher sheet uniformity than dry-type nonwoven fabric.
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Superior water resistance and dimension stability
  • Superior light and climate resistance and no discoloration or browning
  • Superior heat resistance
  • Superior secondary workability
  • Easy to combine with other materials (laminate, impregnation, coating and embossing, etc.)


Membrane Support Fabric is used to apply a separation membrane to separation membrane support media to increase the strength because the separation membrane alone does not provide sufficient strength for water processing. This is a sheet made from 100 percent polyester fiber with superior uniformity and smoothness, and its basis weight and ventilation rate can be increased up to approximately 15-100 g/m² and 0.5-150 cc/cm²/s, respectively.