Nano Coat Filter Media(NANOWOVEN)

About Our Products

NANOWOVEN is our proprietary high-performance filter media (filter media) with nanofiber web composites in the base material. Compared to conventional air filter media for engines, NANOWOVEN improves the performance of capturing ultra-fine particles such as carbon dust by approximately 50% and doubles the service life of the filter media. This product is expected to be adapted for various applications to meet the needs for environmental load reduction and high functionality.Translated with (free version)

  • For air conditioning
  • For engines
  • For gas processing
  • Electricity
  • Filtration

Applications and Achievements

Engine Filters, Industrial Filters, Household Filters, etc.
Filter media for dry cleaning filter "TASCAL

Aoi Shokai Co.

High trapping performance eliminates solvent dullness caused by insoluble substances, and achieves high-quality washing with clean solvents.


Surface Structure


Filter media for air filters

NANOWOVEN is dramatically superior to existing filter media (filter media) in terms of capture volume and efficiency, and has the following features

Downsizing is possible (since airflow resistance and filtration performance can be maintained, engine output can be improved) and cost reductions are

For fuel filters

NANOWOVEN is also suitable for fuel filter applications because nano-coated materials can be manufactured using resins with high chemical and heat resistance.We have succeeded in achieving higher efficiency than conventional filter media (filtering material), and are currently studying the possibility of using inorganic fibers as a filter media. We will realize high performance and reduction of environmental load.Translated with (free version)