About Our Products

Membrane Support Fabric is used to apply a separation membrane to separation membrane support media to increase the strength because the separation membrane alone does not provide sufficient strength for water processing. This is a sheet made from 100 percent polyester fiber with superior uniformity and smoothness, and its basis weight and ventilation rate can be increased up to approximately 15–100 g/m² and 0.5–150 cc/cm²/s, respectively.

  • For liquid processing

Applications and Achievements

  • Reverse osmotic membrane element
  • Manufacturers of reverse osmotic membranes for water processing


The main water processing application of reverse osmotic membranes is the manufacture of ultra-pure water used in seawater desalination, water demineralization, and semiconductor cleaning, as well as the re-processing of sewage and discharged water. In seawater desalination, the separation membrane processing method is increasingly introduced compared to the evaporation method because of the low cost and the minimized environmental load. Therefore, plants are increasingly constructed in water-deficient regions all over the world, such as the Middle East.


Superior smoothness
Superior uniformity