Papermaking Technology

Papermaking Technology

We create products using a wide variety of papermaking technologies, such as high-density, small-lot, density-gradient, sparse and dense, long-fiber, and low-concentration papermaking, as well as powder fixation.

We have cultivated these papermaking technologies since our establishment based on our ability to newly install and improve the equipment according to market needs and to take advantage of the equipment. Let us introduce our technical processes of preparation of raw materials, wire part, and dryer part.

  • High-density papermaking
    Preparing raw materials creates high-density paper.
  • Small-lot papermaking
    We can conduct mass production from as small as approximately 500 kg of raw materials prepared. (It varies depending on the product specification conditions.)
  • Sparse and dense papermaking
    Low-density and high-density paper can be made alternatively on the same paper.
  • Long-fiber papermaking
    Fibers that are up to approximately 10 mm in length, such as synthetic resin, can be used for papermaking.
  • Low-concentration papermaking
    Since raw materials can be used at extremely low concentrations for papermaking, paper with superior dispersibility and uniform texture can be manufactured. Therefore, long synthetic fibers can be used for manufacture.
  • Powder fixation
    Powders can be fixed to the main raw material in papermaking.

This process is coordinating raw materials and chemicals for making recipes of product. It determines the basic paper constituents.

Preparation of Raw Materials

This process is for the first dehydration of raw paper materials to be formed into sheet on the wire.

Wire Part

This process is for drying the sheet dehydrated in the wire part.

Dryer Part

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