Information on Trial Production

Information on creation of sheets for evaluation

We evaluate trial sheet production made with the materials and chemicals following as customers' requests. In accordance with customers' purposes, such as study of the components, application development, advertisements, sample evaluation work, and market research, we create handmade sheets and small amounts of trial wind-up production for evaluation to satisfy the requested specifications.

Handmade sheet Specification Size: 25 cm x 25 cm
Quantity: At least 5
Trial production planning cost At least \50,000
Handmade sheet production cost At least \50,000
Long sheet
Specification Working width: 650 mm
Charge-in quantity: 20–100 kg/day
Trial production planning cost At least \50,000
Processing cost At least \300,000
Inspection cost At least \30,000

* Trial production planning cost is required to determine the possibility of the sheet production, as well as the specifications.
* The prices above are for reference only, and the exact prices will be separately quoted.

Flow of trial production

We respond to requests from customers for the trial sheet production according to the flow shown below.


Application and inquiry about trial production

For application and inquiry about trial production, please contact us using the e-mail form shown below.

Application and Inquiry

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