Research Activities

Consultation for technical and collaborative research

Based on the theme from the customer, we assist in achieving the goal through collaborative research as shown below.


Test paper machine

Since this machine checks suitability for papermaking with a small amount of raw materials, it is ideal for tests of expensive materials and is of assistance in creating new products.

Test paper machine

Filter paper performance evaluation device (air, oil, and fuel)

Performing not only paper physics evaluation of filter paper but also a performance evaluation of elements to provide products that meet customer needs.

Filter paper performance evaluation device

Cooperation among industry, government, and academia

Awa Paper Mfg. is developing new material processing technologies in collaboration with academic organizations.

  • Professor Yutaka Kawahara in the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Gunma University (doctorate in engineering)
  • Associate Professor Takayuki Nagashima in the Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture (doctorate in agriculture)
  • Mr. Hiroshi Yanagishita at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (doctorate in engineering)
  • Mr. Keiji Sakaki at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (doctorate in engineering)

Participation in the High Performance Paper Society, Japan

Since 1969, Awa Paper Mfg. has been the member of the High Performance Paper Society, Japan, which is the one and only technical community related to high performance paper in the world established in 1966 as the Chemical Fiber Paper Society, Japan. The representative from Awa Paper Mfg. became the board chair in 1998 and gave a research talk about the changes of filter for automobile and environmental measures in the high performance paper seminar in 2002.


"Changes of Filter for Automobile and Environmental Measures" written by Yoshitsugu Hama (Journal of the High Performance Paper Society, Japan, No. 41, 2002)

Filters for automobiles have changed together with the vehicle emissions control and the laws and regulation concerning energy conservation. As is the case with the California Code of Regulations, a continuous improvement is currently promoted on a global basis toward the spread of clean energy cars, which is the goal. Filters for automobiles are required to have improved performance at reasonable prices, as well as to use environmentally friendly materials. Achieving a good balance between these conflicting themes is the future major challenge for filters for automobiles. With narrower range of options to choose materials due to environmental restrictions, conventional high performance paper development methods that have relied on materials and properties for the expression of functions are approaching the limit. This shows that now is the time for working on the new re-development of high performance papers focusing on the future growth field.

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