Development Policy of Human Resources

All employees understand the founding spirit and management principle, follow the human resources principle, and aim to systematically acquire the competencies necessary to carry out the company's business and improve their abilities (knowledge and skills) toward the development goals set forth below.
In addition, we support each employee's willing career development so that he/she becomes aware of “why they are working” and realizes “what they want to be in the future.”

Sustainable growth

Desired human resources

We look for people who have creativity to find new technologies, possess a global perspective, and move forward with the drive and passion to explore unknown fields, according to the Personnel Principle “AWA looks for people who humbly continue to learn, help each other, and take on new challenges on their own.”

Personnel Principle

Policy of workplace environment improvement

①Promote diversity and inclusion

We aim to create a workplace environment by promoting diversity and inclusion where each employee can work actively, vigorously, and respect and mutually recognize diversity of gender, age, race, nationality, with or without disability, sexual orientation, religion and beliefs, values etc, and can grow, feel pride in their work, having a sense of solidarity and trust with colleagues.

In addition, we promote to improve work-life balance and health management because we believe that it is essential for the company to achieve sustainable development and growth that each and every employee continues to work in a healthy, active, and exciting manner.

②Improve work-life balance

In order to balance work and child/nursing care, and encourage men to participate in housework and childcare, we promote diverse and flexible work styles and create a working environment where both men and women can balance work life with family/community life, and so on.
In 2021, our executives and managers issued an "Iku-Boss Declaration," to consider the work-life balance of their subordinates, strive to improve work efficiency in the entire workplace, and take the initiative to work on work-life balance themselves.

Iku-Boss Declaration

(Iku-boss means a boss sympathetic to employees spending time with their children)
We declare that we actively work on the following matters in order to support my subordinates' childcare, nursing care, and work-life balance.

  1. We communicate proactively with subordinates and understand them well.
  2. We help each other with a mutual spirit and create a work environment where we can work lively and excitedly.
  3. We strive to improve work efficiency and productivity, and create a workplace where it is easy to take vacations.
  4. We habituate to carry out work in a balanced manner and work on a work style that does not assume overtime.

③Promote healthy management

We believe that promoting the creation of an environment in which our employees can work energetically in good physical and mental health leads to an increase in corporate value.
Therefore, we have formulated a health declaration to share the health management policy and promote initiatives throughout the company.

ESGs Initiatives